The Assessment of the EPQ Parameter for Detecting H-Index Manipulation and the Analysis of Scientific Publications

Rafał Rumin, Piotr Potiopa
Advances in ICT for Business, Industry and Public Sector, pages 127-140

The work presents the analysis of mechanisms for determining the susceptibility of parametric indices (such as the h-index) of evaluation of scientific articles published on the modification of parameters not resulting from essential value of the research work. Currently, most methods for verifying the article is fo-cused on the selection of works potentially strongly influence the international position of a journal. To this end, editorial offices wide use of parametric methods of assessment. In addition, the work attempts to identify the used criterion functions, namely the assessment parameters and guidance, the risks associated with using this type of method to change the popular parametric indexes for authors and journals. These parameters are divided into categories and offered their initial verification based on statistical analysis of already published articles in various journals. Each parameter has attributed weight function, which allows to define its impact on the total evaluation of an article, and also adaptation of formula to any academic journal. Weight functions will be determined with the usage of neural networks or genetic algorithms, aiming to their individual adaptation to particular journal.

Advances in ICT for Business, Industry and Public Sector 2015