Using blockchain technology and WordNet semantic relations for the Land Registry System

Piotr Potiopa, Rafał Rumin, Agnieszka Kubiak-Cyrul
Conference: The 37th IBIMA Conference, Cordoba, Spain.

The purpose of this paper is to present a prototype of an IT solution using two technologies, WordNet and Blockchain, to develop a new type of Land Registry tool. The present Electronic Land and Mortgage Register system in Poland is characterised by accessibility and transparency of information and constitutes an important dataset of information concerning the legal status of immovable property. The availability of this information via the Internet enables interested parties to verify the property before buying it and is an important factor in increasing the security of such transactions. However, there are situations in which information management system and the procedure for entering and updating entries in the land register, due to its architecture and the influence of human factors, can lead to errors or abuse.

IBIMA conference